Agriculture School Editorial

The Editorial Facultad de Agronomía (EFA) (Agronomy School Editorial) was created on November 2, 1999 with the following aim:

  • To become a tool for the school and its faculty to transcend the production, scientific-technical and educational sphere, and to be a source of additional income.

Type of publications

The Editorial is devoted to diverse types of publications:

  • Books (on the contents of a specific subject, an important part of it or treaties on specific issues)
  • Manuals
  • Thematic Newsletters (equivalent to the chapters of a book)
  • Students' exercise and work guides
  • Research Annual Publication
  • Conference and seminars minutes
  • Technological and informative publications for graduates and students
  • Videos
  • Distance learning CD Roms or texts



  • Dra. Elba de la Fuente

Administrative Secretary:

Editorial Committee:

  • Dra. Alejandra Acosta
  • Dr. Diego Cosentino
  • Dra. Karina D'Andrea
  • Dr. Pedro Gundel
  • Dra. Andrea Vega
  • Ing. Agr. Mg. Sc. Julieta Monzón