Technical Course in Floriculture

General Characteristics of the Course

The Floriculture course has a duration of three years and its plan of study includes 23 subjects, 2 of which are bi-monthly and 21 last for four months, and two compulsory seminars. The two required subjects of the Common Basic Cycle: Introduction to Society and State Knowledge and Introduction to Scientific Thinking, are also part of the study plan and can be taken at any time during the course.

To obtain the degree a final intensive work must be done, preferably on any production subject of the last four months of the last year of the study plan.

  • Complete secondary studies
  • Enrollment in the Common Basic Cycle (CBC)
  • Floriculture Technician


The Floriculture course aims at forming professionals able to produce and cultivate ornamental plants, providing technical scientific knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach and the application of appropriate technologies that allow them to perform their work with the aesthetic and qualitative values of the artisan traditional production, analyze and understand the functioning of the national and foreign ornamental productive sector.

Working Possibilities

It is important to assign a qualified, specialized professional to the sector, with a high discipline and efficiency degree which allows improving the product quality and reduce costs. The Floriculture Technician will be qualified to perform his profession in the areas of:

  • Production: in the technical direction of cultivation phytosanitary management and propagation.
  • Research and Teaching: as auxiliaries (or assistants) to agronomic engineers dedicated to the floriculture study.
  • Commercial: as coordinator and work supervisor of the floriculture sector postproduction and commercialization.


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