Course in Landscape Planning and Design

General Characteristics of the Course

The study plan corresponding to the Course on Landscape Design is of 5 years and is developed by the School of Agronomy and the School of Architecture (UBA). By the end of the Course, students must present a Final Intensification Paper where they shall extend the knowledge gained and relate to any of the fields of activity to be followed in the future.

  • Licentiate in Landscape Planning and Design


The Course in Landscape Design is aimed at teaching scientific, technical and methodological guidelines for the treatment of green places and the order and integration of the environment; and to provide theoretical and conceptual tools to encourage the correct design and planning of green places, according to aesthetic, technical and scientific criteria, through an inter-disciplinary approach integrating the contents of diverse areas and aspects of the relationship between the systems of nature and man.

Working Possibilities

The prospective professional will get training on environment processes, including their physical and technical characteristics as well as the aesthetic and dynamic ones. Graduates will be able to evaluate the landscape, make a diagnosis of its condition, plan and design at diverse scales (urban, rural, semi-rural and regional). Graduates must evidence perfect knowledge of the working material and available technological resources.

Graduates will be able to develop their activities in the following fields:

  • Professional: in Landscape Planning and Design studios, as head or member of design teams or consultancy offices.
  • Business: as planner or creative designer, advisor, consultant, technical representative.
  • Academy: at institutes or schools teaching diverse subjects or as investigator, with the possibility of applying for a professorship.


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