Course in Agrarian Economy and Administration

General Characteristics of the Course

The course in Agrarian Economy and Administration extends for 4.5 years and its plan of study is organized in two cycles:

  • a General Cycle of two years, including 12 subjects which provide students with solid education on disciplines considered material to specific field of this course. 8 subjects corresponding to this Cycle are common to the General Cycle of the Economic Sciences Course (School of Economic Sciences, UBA).
  • a Professional Cycle; of 2.5 years, including 20 subjects to advance in the training of specific concepts and skills. This cycle includes 4 optional subjects from a wide array of possibilities focused on administrative or financial aspects, enabling students to follow any of the two orientations offered: Agrarian Administration or Agrarian Economy. Optional courses are given at the School of Economic Sciences. To complete the course, students must complete an Intensification Cycle, under the assistance of a tutor, which includes a set of training activities (lectures, seminars, conferences, internships, etc.) and a Final Intensification Paper or thesis.
  • Licentiate in Agrarian Economy and Administration


The course in Agrarian Economy and Administration is aimed at training professionals with skills to understand the biological processes and the social nature of the economic phenomena which the agriculture production is subject to apply adequate economic analysis methods and tools in different institutional contexts.

Working Opportunities

Licentiates in Agrarian Economy and Administration will be able to develop their careers in the following fields:

  • Production-business: formulating investment projects and financial feasibility studies at agriculture-related private organizations; designing and conducting logistic and commercialization processes in the agri-food sector.
  • Public Agencies: participating in policy making processes for the agriculture sector.
  • NGOs: managing community projects coordinating the efforts of different social groups.
  • Research and Teaching.


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